Psalm 34:11…“Come, you children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD.”

Baseball in the Dominican Republic is the National Sport. Dominican players comprise almost 11% of the players in the Major Leagues. They also represent 40% of MLB players from foreign countries. For many young Dominicans, the dream is to become a professional ballplayer in the Major Leagues. So, it’s no surprise that most boys and teenagers are very interested in getting involved with organized baseball, somehow, someway. They love to play the game!


Sowers of the Kingdom and Pastor Jesus Carela have partnered together to reach out to the youths to provide them with an opportunity to get involved with organized baseball or “beisbol” as it’s known in the DR. Together, we provide a healthy, safe, caring, informative and holistic approach to playing baseball.

Pastor Jesus is the lead pastor in a very impoverished part of Las Terrenas called LaGranja. For years, he watched the kids in his community running around or just hanging out after school with no purpose, direction, or discipline. In his words, “It was like the wild west in our community each afternoon after school.”. Many of the kids were getting into trouble with the law. He decided to act and asked a local property owner if he could use his open vacant lot as a baseball field for the local kids. The owner agreed and before you know it, Pastor Jesus had a handful of kids that wanted to get involved and start playing baseball. Shortly afterwards, he asked us if we would partner with him to provide baseballs, bats & gloves and other baseball equipment. He was going to provide the most important part of the program, the Gospel. Each day after the exercises, drills, practice, and games are over, he gathers the boys together to share devotions and prayers with the boys. He is making a big impact in the community. Sowers has helped Pastor Jesus expand his ministry and we are currently sponsoring two teams complete with hats and uniforms. The program has grown from just a handful of kids to more than 70 boys gathering each afternoon to run, play, pray and listen to the Gospel. Amen!